The best ways to prepare your home for winter

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Getting your home ready for winter isn’t difficult. It just takes a couple of free weekends and some basic DIY skills to ensure your home is ready to face everything the colder weather can throw at it.


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Clean your drains and gutters

Blocked drains and gutters can cause untold problems and water damage if you don’t get them cleared before the worst of the winter storms. It’s an afternoon’s work on a ladder, but it can save you a fortune in bills.

Get your boiler serviced

Nothing’s worse than facing the winter chill without central heating, so get your boiler serviced as soon as possible. If you rely on wood burners and open fires for some or all of your heating needs, then get your chimney swept. Chimney fires can be a real danger in the winter, so make sure yours is in working condition.

Make your home airtight

The first line of defence is checking windows and doors for leaks and sealing them with silicone sealant and draught proofing tape. If your double glazing in Dublin could do with replacing then search for Windows and Doors in Dublin that have a high energy rating and can withstand the worst of the winter weather.

Insulate and save energy

25% of heat is lost through your roof, so make sure your loft insulation is adequate – it should be at least 270mm thick. 35% of heat is lost through your walls, so cavity insulation is a good idea if you don’t already have it. The better insulated your house, the less heat you’ll lose and the less hard your boiler will have to work, keeping energy bills lower.

Take care of your pipes

And we don’t mean your singing voice! Make sure water pipes are adequately lagged so they don’t freeze during any prolonged cold spells.

Make sure you’re getting the best energy deal

Use trusted comparison websites to make sure you’re getting the best value for money from your energy tariff. If you haven’t switched in the last 3 years, then you’re sure to save money.

Check your lighting

Make sure your outside lights are working as the nights draw in, and equip with energy efficient bulbs where possible. When it comes to decorating with fairy lights, use LEDs that are safer and more energy efficient.