Make Christmas More Magical

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For many people, Christmas is a time to be at home with the family. Many have a routine and arrangements that are stuck to every year, and this can work well. But for many people, growing families, families dividing, and the additional commitments of partner’s family and friends to consider, it is easy to see why it might all become stressful! Christmas day itself is renowned for big family bust-ups – when a group of people who don’t necessarily see eye to eye are forced to spend time together, especially with copious amounts of alcohol thrown in the mix it is a recipe for disaster! Some people of course don’t have anyone, or may have family but they live too far away, and are not able to visit. In short, there are many reasons why you might want to spend Christmas a little differently this year. If this sounds like you, have a look at the below suggestions…

Helping out the homeless – At Christmas, many people start to think about the new year and helping people less fortunate than themselves. If you want to spend Christmas helping others in the true spirit of Christmas, helping the homeless is a great place to start. If you have any time to spare, homeless charities are always in need of people coming to help at Christmas time, and people on the street rely on the kindliness of volunteers. Even spending an hour helping out, can mean so much to someone who has nothing. There are many local homeless charities, for example have a look at Crisis, a national homelessness charity for ways to volunteer.


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Caribbean – If the grey skies of England are getting you down, why not think about heading for warmer climes? If you want a Christmas which is as far from the traditional sitting in front of the TV with the heating on as you can get, then head to the Caribbean. If you are considering a trip, check out this website .Blue skies, cocktails, snorkelling and amazing food – with jerk chicken, conch and goat stew amongst some of the Caribbean’s favourite culinary delights, you will have a Christmas dinner with a difference too! Visit Carribean islands for Christmas and enjoy Christmas day on the beach sipping a Pina colada!


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Northern Lights – If you are after the magic of Christmas, it is hard to beat the magic of the Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis. This truly spectacular light show is put on by the Earth’s atmosphere – as charged particles from the sun hit the magnetic shield of Earth, they collide with atoms and molecules that form the atmosphere. These collisions cause bursts of light across the sky. It is a magnificent display that has mystified the local people for thousands of years – early settlers in the Arctic had many ideas about what caused the lights. Some thought it was human spirits, dancing across the night sky, some groups of Eskimos believed it was the spirits of the dead playing a game with a ball!  September to April is the best time of the year to see them, so around Christmas is great, and brings some natural magic to the festive period.


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