Keeping it current

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If you have had a website for a while, you might think it could do with some updating. If you are rebranding or introducing a new logo, then for consistency, your website should mirror these changes. There are many reasons for re-designing:

  • The need to stay current and engaging
  • Wanting to change the way your website works
  • Introducing interactive features or a blog
  • Want to start selling online

Keeping a website fresh creates the right impression of your business. Imagine it as a physical shop front which is open 24/7 all year round. You wouldn’t leave out of date products in a physical shop so it’s wise not to leave outdated information sitting on your website. A latest news page that was updated a long time ago is a real turn off for most people who may question whether you are even still in business.

A vibrant and cared for website demonstrates what a great communicator you are. Updating regularly and presenting clear messages will appeal to customers who value easy and effective communication greatly.


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An attractive website will keep customers coming back for more. Again, it’s helpful to imagine a website like a shop. If you returned to a shop a year after your first visit to find all the same stock and window display, you’ll not likely bother a third time. What’s new sections, latest news, product reviews and updates will make sure there is something fresh to see each time they visit. For web design in Norwich, visit

Generating new content for your website will help your positioning with search engines so websites that create new content are at an advantage.

Potential customers are crucial, as well as retention of existing, so a good website demonstrates that you are well organised, keep on top of things and can handle anything.

Usability is another important factor in website design. Your site might look fantastic but if it’s not responsive and mobile friendly then customers just will not stick around. People spend more time on average on their mobiles now than on PC’s or laptops so if you want to be a truly mobile and flexible business then this should be high on your agenda for your sites functionality.


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There are companies that can provide a web design service to meet your unique needs. The benefits of using such an agency include access to extensive skills and expert knowledge. They will understand the importance of web presence a lot more than a lay person. There are DIY web design packages available but if you’re not totally au fait with the online world, you might end up with a website that looks like a dog’s dinner!

An agency will make the site look totally professional. Expect to pay more than you would doing it yourself but you’ll reap the business benefits when your website shows such high quality design. You get to call the shots, create standards and specifications and they will take care of the rest within an agreed time frame.