How to Clean Your Home for Winter

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There’s something about crisp, chilly winter that makes hunkering down in a cosy, warm home with friends and good food that is oh so appealing. You will want to seal in the heat, but not with months of dust of debris that probably blew in and accumulated over the summer months. Sometimes inside the home is more polluted than outside.


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You will enjoy your home more in winter when it is a clean, fresh, healthy home. Here are some tips on how to get it that way.

Eliminate Dust

Dirt can lurk in spots you just don’t think of. Try turning over your furniture and getting the vacuum onto it to remove all the dust and fluff hiding under there. Make sure dust covers are cleaned thoroughly too.

Then there are horizontal surfaces. Not obvious ones such as table tops and counters, but the ones that often get overlooked like picture frames, the tops of cabinets, and any trims or skirting boards. While you are there, don’t forget the tops of doors and their frames, the upper edges of window frames, the edges of smoke detectors, light fixtures, books and electrical equipment such as speakers, computer monitors or printers.

No Germs

You don’t want to be shut in with loads of bacteria, so make sure these are banished by washing and disinfecting all rubbish bins and refuse receptacles. As an environmentally friendly disinfectant, try vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (but don’t mix the two together). If possible, soak or fill your bins outside for an hour or so, hosing them out and scrubbing with a strong brush to get rid of clinging filth. Drying them in the sun is another safe, effective way to destroy bacteria. This report from The Guardian has more tips on cleaning with a light environmental footprint.

You want to make sure the floors are clean too. Wooden floors are fashionable, but grime can nestle between boards and be very difficult to remove. Modern vinyl flooring can offer a more hygienic solution. If considering updating your flooring, consult experts such as

Once your home is clean, there are things you can do to help keep it that way. Reduce dirt coming into the home by putting down a coir mat at the entry and encourage everyone to wipe their feet.