How long should your online content be?

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Research shows that the length of online content has a big impact on engagement levels, and these tips will help you stand out on social media for the right reasons.

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A tweet

With a limit of 140 characters, keeping content brief is imperative. Track Social has conducted research that suggests the ideal tweet comes in at 100 characters. Analysis of tweets has revealed that those containing fewer than 100 characters experience increased user engagement, partially because there is enough room for users to retweet and add their voice to the conversation.

A Google+ headline

A headline of 60 characters or fewer will ensure that text will remain on one line, which will enhance both the appearance and the readability of your post. If, however, this is not an option, writing an engaging and intriguing first sentence will have a similarly positive effect on your post’s engagement levels.

A Facebook post

Following extensive monitoring, it has been revealed that 40 character Facebook posts receive over 80% more engagement. Only around 5% of Facebook posts measure in at 40 characters, which is not a surprise as it is difficult to convey a message in so few characters. However, a number of studies have been conducted, with each concluding that short Facebook posts are far more effective than longer posts. Every high quality SEO agency in Dublin understands that keeping Facebook posts to around the same length as a tweet is good practice.

A blog post

As they have been increasing in popularity over the years, a great deal of research has gone into understanding what makes a great blog post. Data indicates that the ideal blog post should take around 7 minutes to read, which means it should contain approximately 1,600 words. Long form blog posts are more likely to contain an increased amount of useful information, which is why they tend to get linked to and shared more frequently. This means that, unlike social media, you do not need to convey information in short bursts. If your blog content is well written by a quality Dublin SEO agency, your audience will be willing to put in the effort to read every word.

In conclusion, keeping content short across social media is good practice, with blog posts the place to elaborate on your core messages.