Everything you need to know about men’s underwear

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Underwear may not seem like a glamorous topic, but it can affect how comfortable and confident we feel in our clothes overall. There may be numerous adverts in the media that emphasise fashionable underwear on models, but in reality, we should emphasise the fit, quality, and suitability for our lifestyle.


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By getting informed about the underwear on offer, we can make the best decisions about which types will enhance our comfort and confidence.

Know the styles

Men’s underwear is available in a range of styles, and some may be more suitable for you than others. “Y fronts” or a fit like the Prima Donna Deauville brief for example, offers great support and a close, neat fit. The boxer short is traditionally looser and longer on the leg, with the boxer brief being a combination of the two—tight fitting but longer on the leg. Consider the comfort, quality, and fit that you desire and then select.

Know the best brands and where to find them

For both men and women’s underwear, you may be aware of some of the best brands and styles on the market such as the Prima Donna Deauville brief and other famous styles, but it is important to know where to look for them. Unless you have very general requirements, looking online is often best. Ladies can check instantly “who sells the Prima Donna Deauville briefs range?”, for example, and men can do the same.

Know what is suitable for your lifestyle

A style of underwear that suits a sedentary or relaxed lifestyle may not be the best style or fit for someone who leads an exceedingly active lifestyle. Athletic underwear is specially designed for additional support when running or engaged in heavy exercise, for example. More people than ever before are taking up exercise and especially running, thanks to schemes like the Couch to 5K endorsed by the NHS but getting active often requires some specialist clothing, and underwear is no exception.

Some forms are likely to fit more closely to the body so that material does not become bulky or bunched during movement. The more expensive designs may also incorporate breathable material so that the body does not become overheated. Be sure to shop around for the best designs and maybe consult reputable fitness websites or stores for advice on the best gear.