Dirty Little Secrets

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There are plenty of objects that we wouldn’t necessarily want to touch like the toilet seatĀ  or inside the rubbish bin but did you know that are areas we touch all the time that can actually harbour even more germs than the seat of the toilet?

Do you have a kitchen area in your workplace? If so, you might want to make sure that the sponges are changed regularly. It’s easy for bacteria and food particles to get trapped into the pores of a sponge which creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Sponges can be disinfected or microwaving on high for 2 minutes as you don’t want your staff going down with E Coli or Salmonella!

Kitchen knobs, handles and buttons are touched a lot by a lot of different people and it’s actually recommended that such surfaces are disinfected several times a day, especially before and after preparing food. It might be wise to keep a packet of antibacterial wipes right next to the food prep area. Alternatively, get a professional job done with Commercial cleaning Belfast. For more information, visit http://www.maccleanni.com/.

The coffee maker is another appliance that probably doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. Coffee does have antimicrobial properties but the maker is probably not getting hot enough to kill off anything that might be lurking there. The water reservoir and the internal piping is the perfect environment for bacteria so it’s recommended that a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water is run through the device once a month.

Drink from a reusable water bottle because you don’t trust the tap water? Well, think again as E Coli can coat the inside of reusable plastic bottles if they’re not cleaned properly. Make sure you choose a wide-mouthed bottle to makeĀ  cleaning easier and opt for stainless which won’t get scratched. As well as cleaning it regularly, soak it in a bleach solution for two minutes once a week.

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Mats can also harbour some pretty grim things and it’s not hard to imagine as they sit there with feet, mud and rain being soaked into them. Mould and bacteria will love living here. If the mats are washable then they should be washed on a high heat and with bleach if possible, particularly if it has a rubber backing. A fairly regular carpet clean will also ensure that anything nasty is being removed and not making it’s way back onto the mats.

Phones can get really dirty and not very often wiped down as well as they should be. If you share a phone in an office this problem will be even worse. Quite a few germs and infections can be passed around the office by sharing such personal equipment. Make sure you keep some antibacterial wipes next to the phone and give it a good wipe down once a week or maybe more during the cold and flu season.

The toilet flush is one that makes me shudder. What to most people do before they wash their hands? That’s right, they pull the flush and then wash. It can prove rather awkward trying to flush without actually touching the flush! Whoever does your cleaning, make sure that this area is a top priority.