Brilliant Bouquets

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Busy planning your big day? There is so much to get through, from who to put on the guest list to what colour dresses should your bridesmaids wear. As you get bogged down in all the fine detail of wedding planning, it can be quite easy to overlook the flowers. Your dress will be your priority but the flowers can really be the finishing touch and can tie in your look with the rest of the venue’s theme and decoration too. A marquee, for example, could be decorated to exactly how you want it and match your colour scheme and bouquet choice. For marquee hire in Kent, visit

Fresh flower bouquets can be a real drain on the budget though and of course they are not made to last like the dress for example. Here are a few unique ideas to put a modern twist on the bridal bouquet:

  • Dried Flowers – can look really stunning and come all ready for sticking in an album after the occasion. Might be a better option for any hayfever sufferers too.
  • Paper flowers – designed in multi-coloured swirls, these will look modern, chic and stunning.
  • Fabric Flower – these are designed to be a keepsake to last a lifetime and are adorably sweet, perfect for little bridesmaids to treasure too.


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Sheet music – if you or your partner are music lovers or musicians then this would be a fantastic touch to add to your ensemble. Sheet music made into roses!

Felt and Buttons – these bouquets have becoming increasingly popular and can be tailor-made to reflect your personality so much more. Subtle and sophisticated or bright and funky, whichever bride you are you can make this bouquet fit.

Burlap and Lace – this bouquet is ideal for a farm, country or rustic style wedding maybe set in a barn or outside in the country.

Leather – for a truly unique spin on the bouquet, take a look at leather roses as a stylish alternative to fresh flowers. Choose any colour scheme you want and then keep forever as a beautiful centrepiece. These are great for bikers, alternative brides and well, anyone really.

Book pages – if you are an avid reader or maybe a writer by profession then what could be more ‘you’ than small intricate roses made from the rolled pages of your favourite book?

Fabric Tulips – with their lovely long green stems, these might make more of a statement than the traditional rose bouquet.

Winter wedding – an evergreen and pine cone bouquet will really add to the festive excitement of a wedding in this season.