5 top reasons to choose reclaimed furniture

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If you’re looking for a great way to decorate your home in a way that’s not only trendy but also good for the environment, then you need to opt for reclaimed furniture. There are some beautiful pieces out there that just need a little TLC or have been given a makeover, and you can use them to add a distinctive style to your home.

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These five reasons should inspire you to change the way you decorate, as everyone is getting in on the re-use, recycle, upcycle and reclaim craze.

Tell a Story

Antique or vintage furniture tells a story, and you can weave it into the fabric of your life too. Older items also tend to be better made or beautifully hand-crafted, and they may have an illustrious or even rather murky past that adds to their appeal. An older item can add interest to any room, and if you can tell a story about it, even better.

Express Your Style

Reclaimed furniture can be customised to suit your style, and whether you buy it yourself and restore it to its former glory or give it a modern twist, it’s essentially a blank canvas to start with. Modern furniture tends to be laminated and not easy to sand or paint, whilst old wood can be lovingly restored or given a complete face-lift.

DIY All the Way

Some items, like the cast iron baths you can purchase at stores such as http://www.wilsonsyard.com/products/bathrooms/baths-new-cast-iron.html, don’t require any additional work, but if you’re really creative you can not only re-purpose old furniture – you can create your own. You can use reclaimed wood and create a wholly unique piece of furniture that’s a one of a kind.

Going Green

Recycling and reducing waste is always at the forefront of many people’s mind, and reclaimed furniture provides the perfect opportunity to put this into practice. Rather than seeing perfectly good furniture ending up in landfills, you can fill your home with pieces that are striking and one of a kind.

Make Your Own Way

If you’ve always battled to decorate your home in a way that suits your taste or style, reclaimed furniture is the answer. There’s an abundance of options available, and you’re not limited to the current fashions, giving you full creative scope to decorate the way you want to.