Counting Teeth: Could this be an Indicator of Longevity?

If you’re planning to enjoy longevity, it helps if you still have your own teeth. Poor dental health is as life shortening as smoking. Image Credit There is a connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Poor oral health can make you susceptible to other health issues including heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, […]

Smile! You might be on TV

We all love having a giggle and usually this is at someone else’s expense. Who remembers Candid Camera? This show seems to be loved as much now as it was when it was first on our TV screens more than 40 years ago. If you’re unfamiliar with the show – hidden cameras were placed to […]

Fashion blogs for fellas

Think again if you believe that all fashion blogs are written by females. Gone are those days as more and more men are taking to the internet to share what’s in their wardrobe, what the word is on the street and who are the best designers to look out for. Street selfies and style rule […]

A spot of bother

Is acne a blight on your life? You are certainly not alone as it a common problem experienced by many, both young and older people alike. Don’t blame yourself though as sometimes it has little to do with anything that you may or may not have done. Here are some of the reasons why acne […]

5 of the most common boiler problems

What can go wrong with your boiler? Let’s look at five of the most common problems. Image Credit Water leaks Firstly, confirm it is a leak and not condensation by drying the wet area thoroughly and checking again one minute later. If a pipe join is loose, nuts can be tightened with a gentle turn. If […]

Buy a Garden Office and Kiss Your Commute Goodbye?

With the cost of travelling set to rise even more this year, getting to and from the office is becoming an expensive journey. Knowing that your hard-earned money is being spent on that monotonous commute can be frustrating, but have you ever thought about working from home? Image Credit Homeworking on the Rise Employers are […]

Dirty Little Secrets

There are plenty of objects that we wouldn’t necessarily want to touch like the toilet seat  or inside the rubbish bin but did you know that are areas we touch all the time that can actually harbour even more germs than the seat of the toilet? Do you have a kitchen area in your workplace? […]

How did Marketing first appear?

Marketing is as old as human civilization itself, although it is a fairly young discipline only really emerging in the 1900’s as a concept. From early society to our digital era, culture has based its trading and selling upon communication in order to move products faster than the competition. From the 1950’s onwards, the concept […]

Murderous Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a dark and bloodthirsty period in our history. Maybe it was because alcohol was so readily available and people carried knives and daggers on a daily basis. Justice was not as prevalent as it is today and so if there was no threat of punishment, it was easier to act violently. […]