New Certifications Launched In Software Automation Testing

The leader in software testing certifications has launched an advanced Software Test Automation certification. The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) now has a total of ten education-based certificates that certify several different software testing functions and facets. Image Credit Software testing has become a huge business in recent years, and in some cases everyday […]

A Guide to Picking Your Ideal Lawnmower

There is a wide array of lawnmowers available, making it difficult to choose the perfect product. This guide will help you navigate the market. Image Credit Electric Mowers For small lawns, electric mowers are the obvious choice. They are relatively cheap and easy to use. Most are lightweight and easy to store. Corded rotary mowers […]

How Secure is your Property?

Most people assume that locking their doors is all the security their home needs. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Homes are often targeted by criminals because of the vast number of valuables contained within. Most modern homes own multiple TV’s, game consoles, expensive jewellery and other precious valuables that are appealing to potential […]

Three Tips for Taking Candid Wedding Shots

In recent years, the trend for candid, or reportage, photography at weddings has grown and grown. The formal staged photos of family groups are out, and much more relaxed documentary styles are in fashion and looking to stay for some time. They capture people showing their real emotions, because often they don’t know they’re being […]

How to Pick the Right Industrial Shelves for Your Business

Modern logistics is an extremely fast-moving and interconnected business. Viewed from above, huge warehouses and distribution centres can be viewed as nodes in a distribution chain. If one node experiences a delay or a blockage, then the efficiency of the whole chain suffers. Modern industrial shelving units and systems are increasingly used to maximise labour […]